Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CoverItLive brings your event to life

We recently had the opportunity to test a new service on a couple of our regattas. The service is CoverItLive, which works a little like a moderated forum, and a little like the popular social networking sites (i.e. -- Facebook or Twitter).

Coveritlive lets you report live (on the web) the conditions, mark roundings, and other observations from your event. At the J/22 North Americans, we used it extensively from the water via laptop, and smart phones. You can set the CIL system to accept posts directly from a list of approved Twitter accounts and post photos or video directly from YouTube and other sources. Reader Comments are posted for you (or the moderator) to review and approve before posting, so it becomes a dialog between you and the followers of your event.

For the J/22 NA's we ended up with over 800 Readers, and all stayed with the site for more than 1 minute. For the 29er and 49er World championship, we ended up with almost 4500 followers, and 2887 followers respectively. If you'd like us to add CoverItLive to your next event just let us know, there is no cost for the service, and it's a great way to increase the reach of your event for your sponsors and the spouses/families of your paticipants.

You can review the coverage of the J/22 North Americans online here of visit the CoverItLive website for more information --