Thursday, November 15, 2007

US SAILING’S 2007 Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship

Olympic Hopeful Barkow Blasts into the Lead

Shoreacres, Texas, USA (November 15, 2007) – Three…two…one…blast off! That familiar sound from nearby NASA Johnson’s Space Center is also the scoreline of Olympic hopeful Sally Barkow’s (Nashotah, Wis.) race results today at US SAILING’s Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship. With a total score of 11 points, Barkow and her team – Debbie Capozzi, Annie Lush and Amanda Callahan – lead the 39-boat fleet racing out of the Houston Yacht Club in Shoreacres, Texas.

“We were a little bit jet lagged yesterday and we had to get used to the boat,” said Barkow of her quick jump into the International J/22 keelboat after match racing in slightly larger boats at last week’s Vitória Brasil Women’s Cup, which she won. “We kind of had to force ourselves to wake up and get moving. We are taking it one day at a time. It was a good day today.”

Yesterday’s leader Cory Sertl (Rochester, N.Y.) slipped into third-place overall, a mere eight points behind after discarding a seventh place result from day one. The regatta’s sailing instructions allow competitors to throwout their worst result once six races are completed in the series.

Moving up into second place is Annapolis’ Derby Anderson. “To have won a race and be in with all the good guys feels really good,” said Anderson of her solid 2-4-6 results today. “I finished 10th last time (in 2005) and people were asking me how we were going to do this time. I didn’t even know how we were going to get into the top 10. Katherine (Wade) has never sailed this type of regatta; she’s only done college sailing. It’s a great learning curve we’ve had.”

Of the challenging 15-20 knot winds that were shifty and gusty at times, Anderson said that their crew weight was a factor. “We are light, 40 lbs light,” said Anderson, regarding the combined crew weight limit. “I’ve sailed in breeze before in these, and the main was always ragging. We finally figured out how to tune the boat and trim the sails because nothing was ragging all day. It’s because of Greg Fisher’s clinic, the Road to Rolex Clinic. Overall, we are really happy together, never having done a regatta together before.”For local sailor Julie Goetschius, satisfaction at the end of the day comes from performance, but also inspires her and her team of Emma Browning, Lisa Simpkins and Phyllis Grounds.

“This is a great regatta for women,” she said. “I think that this is an opportunity for a number of women to show themselves that they can do so much. The Olympians already know what they can do. Those who don’t sail on a regular basis come out and they learn they can do some things they didn’t think they could ever do.”

Of the focus needed to excel in today’s challenging conditions – a marked change from yesterday’s hot temperatures and moderate wind – Goetschius said, “It was a lot more exciting for those who can drive through the chop. The starts were pretty exciting. We had two real good starts and one poor one; the good ones were race 1 and 3 when we came off the (starting) line with speed. Driving in the chop gives you more confidence, having done this before. If you have that experience, then you can do well.”

The top local boat continues to be RIFT, in seventh place and skippered by Chelsea Bethancourt (Shoreacres), the youngest skipper at the regatta.

Tonight the competitors will be treated to an exclusive visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the daily first awards and the Kaenon Award, awarded to the team with the lowest score of the day. Racing continues through Saturday and is hosted at the Houston Yacht Club.

For results, please visit the websites and the Houston-specific Daily racing videos will be available each evening at 9pm (CST) on

The Rolex IWKC title sponsor is Rolex Watch U.S.A. Other sponsorships to date include: Platinum level - James & Camille Tichenor, Vince & Margaretta Morvillo for Sea Lake Yacht Sales, and Societe Generale; Gold level - Kirby Inland Marine, Port of Houston Authority, Channel and Lynchburg Shipyards; Silver level - Sterling Bank, Houston Pilot's Association, Segue Websites, Mount Gay Rum, Veolia Water and KO Sailing. The Rolex IWKC is a US SAILING Championship and hosted by the Houston Yacht Club.

Day 2 Preliminary ResultsTop 10 of 39 teams
Position, Boat name, Skipper, Hometown, Results, Total points

1. Sally Barkow, Nashotah, Wis., 2-[16]*-3-3-2-1, 11 points
2. Derby Anderson, Annapolis, Md., 1-[22]-4-2-4-6, 17
3. Lucy, Cory Sertl, Rochester, N.Y. 5-[7]-1-6-3-4, 19
4. Anna Tunnicliffe, Plantation, Fla., 3-18-[21]-4-1-2, 28
5. Nicole Breault 4-[OCS]-14-1-5-8, 32
6. Devonvale, Dominique Provoyeur, Capetown, RSA, 6-[21]-2-12-15-5, 40
7. RIFT, Dana Bethancourt, Shoreacres, Texas, 17-9-[24]-8-93, 46
8. Sundog, Kathy Parks , Annapolis Yacht Club, 12-8-10-11-8-[16], 49
9. Black Socks, Jo Ann Fisher, Annapolis, Md., 10-[20]-8-9-6-18, 51
10. Lynette Edenfield, Fort Worth, Texas, 16-2-5-20-[28]-11, 54

* denotes ‘throwout’ or the race result that is discarded from total points

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lake Canyon Yacht Club - Wurstfest Regatta II

68 boats registered for the second weekend of the annual LCYC Wurstfest event. Week 2, featured keelboats and multi-hull classes and enjoyed consistent winds of 11+ knots for both days. The classes included:

  • Beach Cat Non-Spinnaker - 5 boats

  • Beach Cat Spinnaker Fleet - 1 boat

  • Catalina 22 One Design - 8 Boats

  • F-28R One Design - 5 Boats

  • PHRF Cruiser Class - 4 Boats

  • F-18 One Design - 8 Boats

  • J/24 One Design - 6 Boats

  • Nacra 20 One Design - 6 Boats

  • PHRF Non-Spin A - 6 Boats

  • PHRF Non-Spin B - 5 Boats

  • PHRF Spin - 8 Boats

  • PHRF Multi-Hull - 6 Boats

Not only were the entrants treated to typical Lake Canyon hospitality, including a free Friday Night bus to the Wurstfest grounds in New Braunfels, Texas and a live band on Saturday night, but entry also included breakfast both days and a traditional Wurstfest sausage dinner Saturday night and Lunch on Sunday!


Catalina 22

  1. Gene Ferguson - FWBC

  2. Gary Bourgeois - LCYC

  3. Mailyn Boemer - GSC

  4. Gary Peterson - CYC

  5. John Grzinich - AYC

Nacra 20

  1. Michael Yost - (none)

  2. Michael Niggli - TCDYC

  3. Andrew Tatton - UTSC

  4. Jim Rehage - AYC

  5. Lee Wicklund TCDYC


  1. John Tomko - (none)

  2. Aaron McCulley - AYC

  3. Chris Green - TCDYC

  4. Steve Piche - AYC

  5. Mike Rohrer - Austin Cats (Fleet 64)


  1. Doug Weakly - CCMORF

  2. Holmes - DCYC

  3. Tonja Sanchez - GBCA

  4. Dave Gamble - AYC

  5. Brian Purcell - LCYC

PHRF Non-Spin A

  1. Bill McVey - LCYC

  2. Josef Scherm - LCYC

  3. Grant Wolfe - BVSC

  4. Mark Bird - LCYC

  5. James McNeel - LCYC

PHRF Non-Spin B

  1. Timothy Voyt - (None)

  2. Steve Wilson - LCYC

  3. Chris Nichols - LCYC

  4. Billie Williams - LCYC

  5. Jess Rolan - LCYC


  1. Fred Lindsey - LCYC

  2. Dirk Albrecht - LCYC

  3. Phillip Davis - LCYC

  4. Dent/Garity - LCYC

  5. Mike Jones - BVYC


  1. Tom Geis - LCYC

  2. Jame Kizziar - LCYC

  3. Jon Lockhart - LCYC

  4. Jeff Walne - HCYC

Multi-Hull PHRF

  1. Sam Showalter - PAYC

  2. Marc Waters - (none)

  3. Peter Pattullo - TOMA/LYC

  4. John Novak - (none)

  5. John Kuc - AYC

Beach Cats

  1. Ron Ihle - PAYC

  2. David Czarnet - TCDYC

  3. Miles Payne - (none)

  4. Joe Monosmith - LCYC

  5. Richard Griffin - TCDYD

Beach Cat - Spin

  1. Phil Buck

Lake Canyon Yacht Club - Wurstfest Regatta I

92 boats registered for the first weekend of the annual LCYC Wurstfest event. Week 1, billed as the centerboard regatta, included:
  • 17 Flying Scot

  • 12 Lasers

  • 7 Laser Radial Junior Fleet

  • 7 Longboard Windsurfers

  • 4 Optimist Dinghy

  • 13 Portsmouth Dinghy

  • 24 Sunfish

  • 8 Vanguard 15's

Not only were the entrants treated to typical Lake Canyon hospitality, including a free bus to the Wurstfest grounds in New Braunfels, Texas, but also included breakfast both days and a traditional Wurstfest dinner Saturday night!


Flying Scots

  1. Richard Wade - Corinthian Sailing Club
  2. Tom Miller - CSC
  3. Jeff Foerster - LCYC
  4. Cummings Berry - CSC
  5. Brad Davis - AYC


  1. David Grogono - AYC
  2. Jacques Roy - Rockwall Yacht Club
  3. James Freedman - (no club)
  4. Ravi Subramanian - Austin Yacht Club
  5. Colman Terrell - LCYC

Laser Radial Jrs.

  1. Thomas Young - LCYC
  2. Aaron Stuckey - LCYC
  3. Masie Comen - CSC
  4. Merra Day - LCYC
  5. Ariana Cobb - GSC

Longboard Sailboards

  1. Brian Shepard - Austin Windsurf Club
  2. Chase Kurtin - SSC
  3. Will Hawk - AYC
  4. Garrett Kanstieiner - SSC
  5. Peter O'Conner - SSC

International Optimist Dinghy

  1. Hamrick Morgan
  2. Isabela Young
  3. Myles Gladen
  4. Catherine McNeel

Portsmouth Dinghy

  1. Kevin Gunn - TCYC
  2. Bob Hunkings - CLSC
  3. Randy Yates - BSC
  4. Mike Mashi - SAYC
  5. Jennifer Loehlin - Austin Yacht Club


  1. Greg Gust - ECSC
  2. Hank Saurage - Pelican YC
  3. Ash Beatty - MISA
  4. Ed Hill - (none)
  5. Ellen Burks - AYC

Vanguard 15

  1. Hugh Haggerty - Texas A&M Galveston CSC
  2. Katie Cummings - SSC
  3. Thomas Kaczmarek - HYC
  4. Anderson Jones - CSC
  5. Albert Rodriguez - Galveston Bay V-15 Fleet 49

Congratulations to the Winners, and to the crew at LCYC for putting on a great event!

Full Results are HERE